Im back.... Bad Wolf!

I have a friend, her name is Tina.

She has cancer, she is going for an operation soon, I haven’t spoken to her for a very long time, and to say that I miss her like crazy is an understatement, I love her so much.
After feeling sorry for myself and hating my life etc etc etc etc as it seems to be the theme of this mornings posts, she popped into my head, and after thinking about what she is going through, I just gave myself a big “shut the fuck up you fucking loser, look at your problems and look at her’s!”
Anyhow no more depressing shit will come from me.
Tina I hope everything goes well in your operation and I know you will beat this fucking disease, because you are strong!
Also thank you Samanie for reaching out, your words help a lot.
Amy if you wish to show T this post, go for it.

Look at me I’m happy.

I’m healthy
I’m strong
I have no money issues
I’m always smiling
I enjoy my life
I got my shit together
I’m not alone
I don’t feel lonely
I’m not depressed

Wish I lived in Hogwarts. …..

That way help would always be given.

Wake up, stomach pains, it’s 4 am didn’t sleep well. …..

Think about stomach pain, think about what food to eat so it doesn’t hurt, can’t prepare anything this early have to leave or I’ll be late for work.
Drive for an hour always thinking and hoping that the car won’t stop, stomach hurting less, chest is tender, think it’s cancer, remember mum and how she got cancer, think about how my kids would be if I died, get to work get stressed boss being a pain in the arse.
Do budget not enough money can’t get a pay rise because the boss is a cunt, think about body aches, money problems, car issues.
Go see dad, he’s a heavy smoker, heart him cough, cancer back on my thoughts, body still aches, drive home for an hour, play with kids put them to bed, think about money, health, car, job, go to bed and think some more, fall asleep after midnight. ….. Wake up at 4am…and repeat. …

That’s my life. … IT’S DRIVING ME MAD. …….

Was going to write something about Procrastination. …..

But I can’t be fucked. …
I’ll do it tomorrow.

As usual nothing like this in Australia. …
Fuck a duck!

As usual nothing like this in Australia. …
Fuck a duck!